Michele: Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine and other "shaky" things.

Michele is a seasoned vocalist gifted with a wide range that lets her belt out any genre imaginable.
She has performed both as a headliner at local venues such as Bogart's, as well as a warm-up for the nation acts "Stryper" and "Shooting Star". Although an intense rocker in her early years singing metal throughout the 80’s with bands such as "Raven," "Exciter," "Promise," "Skin Tight" and "Hot Cargo”, she now prefers to channel her adrenaline into belting out a more bluesy style of melodic rock.

Michele's other interests include her two beautiful daughters and the pets she works with every day.


Ron: Percussion, Vocals.

Ron Sanzone, aka Ronzoni (with apologies to the pasta company), is a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) practicing in the greater Cincinnati area. When not counting the heartbeat of his patients he is keeping the beat for Jane & the John Does and their fans.

Ronzoni has played drums and sang in numerous bands throughout the Tri State area for 40 plus years during his musical career… or so he tells us. At least his picture isn’t on any wanted posters we can find. He’s the one you can’t see at our performances because he’s usually hiding behind his drums in the back. (Hmm…maybe we should check those wanted posters again!)

While a lifelong native of Cincinnati, he loves to travel (true to his Gemini nature). Other passions include health and fitness, painting, playing Frisbee with his dog, a cold beer on a warm summer night with friends and family and, yes...eating pasta. He is married to the beautiful redhead “Jenny, Jenny,” so please applaud for him when he sings that song. It makes him feel better (and usually scores points for him with his spouse)!


Tom: Guitar, Keyboards.

Tom has played in many area bands for decades, including Raven (with The Does' Michele), Major Minor, Splat the Cat, and Sweet Revenge. He's done studio work to huge gigs. He likes diverse music, from Dylan to Jeff Beck to Heavy Metal to King Crimson. Always ready to challenge himself, he's always experimenting with sounds and styles, even playing a weekend with a reggae band!

Tom plays guitar and keyboards in the band, but isn't allowed near a microphone - his humor is as bad as his voice! He's pretty quiet and reserved unless the topic is music, or if he's onstage with a good band like Jane & the John Does!

On a personal level, he loves his family, his dog Nisa, horror, science-fiction, superheroes, and trawling the internet for music to add to his massive music collection.


Brian: Bass, Vocals.

Once upon a time there was a rock band that was very sad because they could not find a bassist. Then one miraculous Sunday afternoon their prayers were finally answered…their manager actually sprung for beers! Oh… and Brian Moore also arrived.

Brian rode in that fateful day on his Chevy Equinox with the sun ablaze, shouldered his Peavey bass and proceeded to impress us from the moment he auditioned. We knew immediately he was meant for the group. Not only is he a great musician, he even carries all his own stuff to and from gigs!

Brian, who hails from Rochester, New York, has over 40 years of performing experience. He is the father of 5 and grandfather of 2. Still, being the newest addition to Jane & the John Does, he is a bit of a mystery to us. Like… how does he get such a great big sound out of his tiny amp… who would want to live in Rochester… and why does he spell his first name with an “i” when a “y” would look so much cooler?

Mysteries aside, Brian has proved to be an invaluable member of the group. With his solid driving bass lines and on stage presence he completes the powerful sound and performance of Jane & the John Does.


Glenn: Guitar, Woodwinds, Vocals

Glenn Milenkevich


Glenn is a multi-talented, versatile and experienced musician (no…he didn’t pay us to say that) who enjoys performing all varieties of music. His broad background is due to numerous musical influences from playing in bands and orchestras since his youth.


Glenn’s musical career, inspired by a Beatles televised appearance, started with drum lessons in the second grade. (Thank you, Ringo!) This was followed by woodwinds in his grade school band, which continued through his college years, and culminated, with guitar in his High School years.


Raised in a musical home, Glenn would listen, watch and eventually play in his father’s Dixieland and German bands. This led to performing in community theatrical productions, festivals, church folk groups and summer concerts in the park. Over the past 30 years Glenn has continued performing with numerous groups and in clubs and events throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. His repertoire consists of a variety of musical genres, including Classic and Southern Rock, Top 40, Blues and Country.


We are happy to say that Glenn has now slowed down to take a breath and adopt the moniker of “John Doe” as he lends his many talents to our group of loveable rockers.